Episode 93 – Later-in-the-Run Additions to Sitcoms

We’re almost two seasons into the podcast, so you know what that means! Contract disputes, movie offers and a cast that loathes each other. Well, at least the last one. But if this was a sitcom, we’d be getting pretty close to the time where one of the stars leaves and the producers have to scramble to replace them.

While it’s the three same bozos as usual, we have mixed things up a bit – this week Michael has slipped on the stylish-yet-comfortable judge’s robe, while Jeff is going mano-a-mano with Richard for Rushmore supremacy.

Join us next week when Jeff either is back to judging or replaced by Ted McGinley.

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Episode 92 – Florida

When you think of Florida, you probably think of the most ridiculous news story imaginable, involving skeevy people with large criminal records but a small amount of teeth doing things like almost blowing up an ICU by trying to smoke crack or biting off a man’s ear because he wouldn’t give him a cigarette. (Both true stories.)

Florida is that, but also so much more. This week we discuss and debate the beautiful weirdness that makes Florida a state we love and perhaps sometimes would like to saw off the rest of the US ala Bugs Bunny.

And it’s Part One of our Mix-Up Episodes. This week it’s Michael and Jeff doing the debating, while Richard feels the immense power trip of judging and tries to legally marry Jeff to his cat.

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Episode 91 – Guys in Drag

This Thanksgiving, celebrate a topic which is bound to generate more consensus around the dinner table with your questionable uncle… Wait! Whose side of the family is he from now?… than a certain spray-tanned, uncouth, scumbag of a president will: it’s the Mt. Rushmore of Guys in Drag.

From RuPaul to Divine to Dave Foley doing his best work on The Kids in the Hall while wearing a dress, we try to cover the spectrum of men who have donned a frock for entertainment.

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Episode 90 – Soundtrack Albums

When’s the last time that you bought a movie soundtrack album. OK, trick question: no one buys albums anymore. But if you did, it probably wouldn’t be a soundtrack, because the movie soundtrack is a dying art. Today’s movie soundtracks are usually a collection of songs from the filmmaker’s childhood, plus whatever Rihanna or Katy Perry song didn’t get used for their last album. Basically: a mess.

This week we’re looking back to when movie soundtracks mattered. All the way back to…the early 2000s? Wait, that’s almost 20 years ago? Crap, we’re old. Agree or disagree with our picks? Let us know below.

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Episode 89 – Bingeing

Some people say moderation is the key to life. Those people seem like real wet noodles. At the Mt. Rushmore Podcast, we have the self-control of a beagle puppy in a slipper factory. Why stop with “enough” of something when you can go straight on through to “making yourself physically ill?”

This week we’re making a Rushmore from things that we’ve binged – from food and drinks to things that we’ve done too much. After you’re done with this week’s episode, why not check out our archives and stuff your earholes with too much podcast goodness?

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Episode 88 – Bad Airport Behavior (With Special Guest Chris Cary)

The Mt. Rushmore Podcast is now boarding its non-stop flight to airport hell! World traveler and bon vivant Chris Cary is our co-pilot, as we discuss all of the ways that everyone else makes air travel just a little more awful.

And remember: no food, drinks or any liquids more than 2 oz. are allowed while listening to this podcast.

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Episode 87 – Halloween Songs (With Special Guest Ryan Love)

Halloween means that it’s time to eating your weight in mini-Kit Kats, pretend the cobwebs in your living room are “decorations” and listen to some spooky tunes. There are more Halloween songs than inappropriately “sexy” costumes, so narrowing down the right songs to play at your party can be a daunting task.

Fear not! We’re selecting the greatest Halloween songs ever and we’ve got some help in mega-Rushmore fan Ryan Love, former college DJ and a certified expert in Halloween music. Make sure to check out his incredible four-hour, 120-song Spotify Halloween playlist after you’re done listening to this episode.


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Episode 86 – Impulse Buys You Immediately Regret

Regrets? We’ve had a few. And many of them involve making a purchase that you didn’t plan on making. This week, we discuss our impulse buys that we immediately regret making. The crazy part is that we keep making these purchases again and again.

Why? Because we’re dummies, that’s why!

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Episode 85 – Ensemble Comedic Movies

When you’re an above the line type comedy star, it takes a whole lot to set aside one’s ego to play a smaller role. But when the cast is made up of other stars, some opportunities just can’t be missed.

Look, we don’t believe any of that crap. Each one of us would sabotage the other two to get our own popular podcast. And so would every comedian in Hollywood. But on this episode we debate the Mt. Rushmore of Ensemble Comedic Movies, so we play nice with each other for one more week.


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Episode 84 – Kickball (Adult Style)

Columbus Day is a special time in America. We all come together to celebrate someone who got so drunk on his boat that he thought that Cuba was China when he landed, and then proceeded to plunder from, rape and murder countless indigenous people. It’s also a great time for kickball!

The Founders’ Cup is the largest kickball tournament in the world and it’s held each Columbus Day in Las Vegas. With the special bond the adult style kickball has with our show, we thought this was a perfect time to talk about our favorite kickball things.

Here to help us out is Sa Dao of Club WAKA – he’s basically the Roger Goodell of adult kickball. From the ridiculous to the sublime (mostly ridiculous) we cover all of the things that make adult kickball so popular.

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