The Mt. Rushmores of Life – A Primer

Michael Winfield and Richard Manfredi argue. A lot. About everything. But mostly about the Mt Rushmores of Life: the four things that best represent any particular category. It could be sports, music, films, cereal or months of the year – there’s a good chance that Michael and Richard have a strong opinion on whose Mt Rushmore is the best.

To save their friendship, they’ve turned to the most reasonable person they know – Jeff Hopkins. Jeff is serving as judge and jury as he moderates their “discussions” on the merits of their Mt Rushmore of Anything and then rules on whose was best.

(NOTE: Jeff’s decisions are final and binding, in accordance with the US Fair Podcast Act of 2010.)

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Episode 34 – Songs Drunk Women Sing at Karaoke (featuring the Mt. Rushmore Podcast Wives)

It’s LADIES NIGHT at the Mt. Rushmore Podcast! And not in that creepy nightclub kind of way but in a fun karaoke way! This week the topic is Songs Drunk Women Sing at Karaoke, and it felt wrong for a bunch of guys to discuss this. Instead, we invited our wives to break it down. Emily and Sara put in their song slips, and don’t forget to tip your KJ (Karaoke Judge) Jen. Order your Long Island Ice Tea and get ready to jump on-stage.

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Episode 33 – Annoying Things at Concerts (Says Some 30- and 40-Year-Olds)

You’re all set – you have tickets to go see your favorite band. You’re pumped, so you get there early and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Then the show starts and…everything falls apart.

Join us as we – a bunch of 30- and 40-year-olds – tell the people who ruin our concert experiences to get off our lawn, and get off of the stage.

Episode 32 – Partying

When it’s time for the Mt. Rushmore Podcast to party, we will always party hard! In this episode, we take a look at the good, bad and crazy things that always seem to happen during a party. Michael is tapping the keg, Richard is yelling at the DJ to cut out that disco crap and Jeff is keeping an eye out in case the fuzz shows to to harsh our mellow.

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Episode 31.5 – Rushmore of Podcasts (LA Podcast Festival Special Episode)

A bit of a different episode this week – we went out to the LA Podcast Festival a couple of weeks ago and had a great time meeting some old friends and making new ones. While we were there, we decided to ask some of our fellow podcasters about who would be on THEIR Mt. Rushmore of Podcasts. And by “us” we mean Jeff, who basically was a one-man wrecking crew of awesomeness.

A brief list of the generous people we met and their choices after the jump:

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Episode 31 – Hoaxes

You know the saying: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I’ll punch you in the nose. I think that’s right. Regardless, hoaxes have been around along as people have loved making other people look stupid. So, that is to say, forever. But some hoaxes are more memorable and creative than others.

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Episode 30 – Best Actors (Seriously, Like Daniel Day-Lewis, and No Shitting Around)

The actor. A man or woman solely dedicated to their craft of taking the works of the world’s most talented playwrights and screenwriters and giving them life. Or, sometimes, they are happy to get a scene in a Fast & the Furious sequel with FIVE WHOLE LINES. Well, the hell with the Joe Schmo actors – we’re only talking about the best of the best.

This week, Richard and Michael try on the Masks of Comedy and Drama to explore the real – and we mean full on no fucking around – best actors ever. Meanwhile, Jeff plays “director”, which mainly means shouting things at us through an old-timey megaphone.

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Episode 29 – Stupid Things People Do In Bar and Restaurants

There’s nothing worse than going to your favorite bar or restaurant and having your night ruined by some lout without a clue about the concept of civility. Some people simply can’t handle the basic manners required to eat anywhere but a Golden Corral, and even than they are probably cutting in line for the Chocolate Fondue Waterfall!

Richard, Michael and Jeff know about eating and drinking – they’ve been doing it their whole lives! This week they get together to discuss some of the rudest, most ignorant and just plain stupid things that customers do at bars and restaurants.

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Episode 28 – Things About Baseball (That Aren’t Necessarily About the Game)

Baseball is our national pastime for a reason – there’s nothing that says summer in the USA like taking the family to game, getting some hot dogs, drinks and peanuts, and then taking out a second mortgage to pay for all of it.

But let’s be honest – as great as baseball is, some of the best things about going to a game aren’t necessarily about what happens on the diamond. There’s a lot of time to kill while watching a game, which means a lot of time to notice the little things that make baseball so unique.

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Episode 27 – Desert Island Discs

Let’s be honest – if you brought four CDs with you on a deserted island, you’d probably use them for anything other than listening to music. You could sharpen the edges and use them as weapons to hunt birds or fish. Or shine them to reflect sunlight in hopes of catching the eye of a nearby boat or plane. Really, there are tons of uses for these things.

But, the trope is there for a reason. Music helps us to remember great things in our lives, or get us through tough periods. And being stuck on a deserted island is probably up there in terms of “tough periods”.

Michael, Richard and Jeff talk about the albums that shaped their lives and they would want to listen to again and again. So gather around the fire you’ve started using flint, rocks and seaweed and get ready to listen.

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Episode 26 – Mt. Rushmore of Shitty Candies

Pretty much everyone loves candy – unless you’re one of those “health” freaks who care about “nutrition” and “not having your teeth rot out of your mouth” and “diabetes”. However, there are some candies we can all agree on that no one wants. They are the candies that everyone was disappointed to get on Halloween. Simply put, they are shitty candies.

In this edition of the podcast, we take on a request from listener David Brown, librarian at the Casa Grande Public Library (it means “Big House” in Spanish). He does amazing work to keep kids interested in book readin’. Check out his YouTube page and his Twitter.

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