Episode 140: Annoying Things Kids Do (w/ Rachel from We Are Weezer)

Kids! What’s matter with kids today? A question that echoes through the ages from the cavemen of old to the millennial parents of today.

Rachel, from the excellent podcast We Are Weezer, joins us, not to talk Weezer, but about all those exasperating and needling things toddlers, kids and teens do that drive us parents up the wall.

Check out We Are Weezer podcast here!

Episode 139: Hauntings (with the Stupidstition Podcast)

To celebrate Halloween we’ve invited the ladies from Stupidstition Podcast (Brenda and Liz), experts in all manor of spooky and spoopy subjects, to discuss the Mt. Rushmore of Hauntings. We delve into real world hauntings and those of a fictional nature to cover all things… unnatural.

Episode 138: Weekly World News Articles

Do you miss the days when FAKE NEWS meant stories about Bigfoot getting married, Elvis being spotted in an Akron bowling alley or the continuing adventures of Bat Boy? Then join us in looking back on some of the most unbelievable, outrageous and hilarious articles ever produced by the Weekly World News, aka America’s Finest Newspaper.

No stone will be left unturned and no fact will remain unfabricated as do a deep dive into the tabloid waters to find the stories that you had to read to (not) believe.

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Episode 137: Foods You’d Eat at Least a Year Past Expiration

We’ve all done it – discovered that something in our fridge we really wanted is just a few days past the expiration date. But there’s no mold on it, and it doesn’t smell funny. Why not take a chance?

But what if we’re talking months instead of days? 12 months, to be exact. We’re talking about foods that you’d be willing to take the calculated risk on eating even if it’s a year past its expiration date.

Live a little! Enjoy that Twinkie with the wrapper that looks like it dates back to the Carter Administration while you digest our high-quality, preservative-laden podcast.


  • Twinkies (Michael’s Choice)
  • Beef Jerky (Richard’s Choice)
  • Spices (Joint Choice)
  • Nuts (Michael’s Choice)
  • Pasta (Richard’s Choice)
  • Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (Michael’s Choice)
  • Hot Pockets (Richard’s Choice)

Episode 136: Comfort Foods

We all know that we should eat healthier. But no one has ever come home from a miserable day at work and decided that the only thing that would make them feel better is a kale salad. When you are leaning on food as the crutch to get you through this slog we call life, you want carbs, sugar and/or greasy meat.

We’re talking about our favorite comfort foods this week – the meals that make us feel all warm and squishy inside, and fat and squishy outside. What’s your all-time comfort food?

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Episode 135: Underdogs

Scrappy? Check.

Unconventional? Check.

5000 to 1 odds? Triple Check!

This episode we break down those facing an insurmountable challenge against a much more overpowering foe. Also a talking pig. On the Mt. Rushmore of Underdogs.

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Episode 134: The Post-Apocalypse

It’s the end of the world and we…well, we don’t feel fine at all. In fact, it’s pretty depressing! We’ve had nothing to eat but canned pumpkin and Twinkies for the last three months and quite frankly, we’re starting to get a little sick of each other. Also, sick from likely radiation poisoning.

On this episode we’re discussing everything that has to do with the Post-Apocalyptic world as it has been portrayed in popular culture throughout the years. So, head down to your bomb shelter, crack open an MRE and blast this week’s episode through your ham radio. It will give you something to do to break up the boredom. The maddening, maddening boredom.

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Episode 133: Wedding Receptions

The “I do’s” have been “We did-ed”. The rings have been rung. And now the guests gear up all the hullabaloo around the Wedding Reception itself. This episode we Mount Rushmore the hell out of all the wonderful, joyous and infuriating aspects of the happy couple’s party of their lives. If only they were around to enjoy it.

Episode 132: Things We Pretend to Like to be Cool But Secretly Aren’t That Into

Richard may have come up with a ridiculously long title this week, but I, Michael, can sum it up with one word: Poseur.

And HE went to school to be a writer…

This week we debate all the things we pretend to like so that someone cool will like us. Look, have you met us? It’s really the only way we’re gonna get into the cool kids party.

From Punk Rock to Politics to Picasso. We put the P in Poseurs.

Episode 131: Mid/Post-Credit Scenes in Movies

There’s nothing like sitting through 30 minutes of trailers and two hours of movie only to feel like you need to sit through another 10 minutes of credits. Why? Not because you really want to find out who the Best Boy Grip was on the production – no, you’re stuck there because you have to see if there’s any extra scenes hidden in the credits.

This week we’re taking on mid- and post-credit scenes. Amazingly, there once was a time when the movie actually ended before the credits! We remember this because we’re old.

Stick around until the end and don’t miss the bonus scene where Jeff acquires the Power Disc of Podcast Immortality. What will this mean for next week’s episode?


  • The Avengers “Schwarma” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Iron Man “Avengers Initiative” (Michael’s Choice)
  • Cannonball Run “Outtakes” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Napoleon Dynamite “Kip’s Wedding” (Michael’s Choice)
  • Airplane! “Taxi Fare” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Rumble in the Bronx “Outtakes” (Michael’s Choice)
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Out “Go Home” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Masters of the Universe “Skeletor’s Line” (Michael’s Choic