Episode 9: Fictional Sports Teams

Whether or not you’re a fan of the sports ball teams such as the foot ball or the base ball or the hockey ball, there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of sports movies. At their best, they showcase the ability of a group of teammates to band together and overcome obstacles to win the championship. At their worst, Joey from “Friends” makes a chimpanzee look like John Houseman.

Join non-sports fan Jeff as he probes the best fictional sports teams with Michael and Sports Jeopardy! Champion Richard. Buckle up your jockstraps and get ready for a home run dunk touchdown thing!

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Episode 8: Wonders of the World

How many of the Wonders of the World were built by aliens? Probably a lot of them! We’re debating the Mt. Rushmore of the Wonders of the World – whether they are man-made or natural, ancient or modern, fictional or real. And SPOILER ALERT – the actual Mt. Rushmore didn’t make either of our lists.

So join Michael, Richard and Jeff as we go…in search of…the Mt. Rushmore of Wonders of the World.

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Episode 7: The Worst Kind of Snobs

So you think you’re too good to listen to this week’s episode? What a coincidence – it happens to be about people who also think they’re better than you. Michael, Richard and Jeff run down the most annoying snobs possible.

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Episode 6: Imaginary Features of Your Future Imaginary Home

For as long as Man has sought shelter, so too has Man sought to make his shelter more comfortable. But where prehistoric man’s comforts involved finding softer moss for a bed, today’s people demand the latest in luxury, extravagance and random junk.

Join Michael, Richard and Jeff as they open up the Sharper Image catalog from 2066 and discover some of the features that they would love to have in their home but don’t exist.

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