Episode 18 – Training Montage Music

Are you ready to get PUMPED? We’re definitely ready to get PUMPED! You can tell how PUMPED we are by how often we spell PUMPED in ALL CAPS! Maybe we’ll throw some extra exclamation points in there just to show just how PUMPED we are!!!

If you want to get PUMPED like us, you’re going to need the right music. Fortunately, this week we’ve got you covered, as we explore the Mt. Rushmore of Training Montage Music. This topic was suggest by Aaron Spacemuseum, a great musician and friend of the show. If you have an idea for a topic, let us know in the comments.

WARNING: Lots of “Rocky” ahead. Also, make sure you listen for the MAJOR CONTROVERSY that breaks loose midway through.


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Episode 17 – Recess Activities (with Guest Judge Vivian)

Michael, Richard and Jeff want to discuss the merits of all of the fun recess activities they did as kids. But since they are all old, they realized they needed a recess expert who is a little bit closer to the target audience and has recent firsthand knowledge of the finer points of Recessology.

With that in mind, welcome our first Guest Judge – Richard’s daughter Vivian (age 8). She’s on board to lay down the law and teach the grown-ups a thing or two about how kids like to spend their free time.

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Episode 16 – Fathers and Sons

There’s nothing more special than the relationship between a father and his son. Well, maybe the relationship between a mother and daughter. Or a boy and his dog. OK, let’s start again.

Few things are more special than the relationship between a father and his son. Fathers can be tough and difficult to please, but they can also provide a tremendous amount of support and caring. This week we take a look at some of the most famous pairings that show the whole gamut of relationships between kids and their dads.

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Episode 15 – Fictional Wealthy People

If you are making a film, TV show or book and need an instant villain – just add a rich person. You automatically have a source of conflict with the “common people” and a character that the audience already feels like they know. Of course, not all rich characters are evil, because these are works of fiction that can be different than real life.

In this episode we explore the many different types of rich people. And Michael shows just how little he does at work by coming up with a comprehensive 3D graph plotting different types of rich people.

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Episode 14 – Skateboarding Scenes

Are you ready to get RADICAL? How about grinding some rails and hitting some WICKED front side 180s? Do you think I have any clue what I’m talking about? OF COURSE NOT!

But that doesn’t mean that we all can’t appreciate a good skateboarding scene. Whether it shows the balletic nature of pros doing it right or are laughably bad, a good skateboarding scene can improve any movie. So strap on your helmet, kneepads and elbow pads (safety first) as those thrashin’ dudes Jeff, Michael and Richard take on the most iconic skateboarding scenes around.

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