Episode 39 – Non-Lego Building Toys

For 38 episodes, we’ve heard Michael and Richard do battle against in other in trying to come up with the perfect Mt. Rushmore for many topics. Now something unthinkable has happened. Like Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man, the Superpowers have teamed up to fight a common enemy – Disney Channel producer/minor Kansas City celebrity Scott Jones, a noted expert in all things Lego.

Except the topic isn’t Legos! In fact, it’s every other type of building toy. Will Michael and Richard’s tag team be enough to construct a win, or will it fall apart? Listen to find out.


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Episode 38 – Video Game Power-Ups

One of the things we often remember about our favorite games is the Power-Ups. These are the moments when something truly special happens. Suddenly, you have the upper hand, whether you are fighting masked ninjas or trying to kick your friend’s ass in NBA Jam.

This week we put our quarters on the machine and take our turn going over some of the best Power-Ups of arcade and console games. A special shout out to Richard’s RBI Baseball nerds for suggesting this topic and coming up with some great choices.

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Episode 37 – People Who Have Been Trapped

Are you stuck in a rut? Feeling trapped by life? Well, it’s better than being stuck in a well or trapped in a cave. Cleithrophobia is the “fear of being trapped” and honestly, it doesn’t seem like it’s that unreasonable. Having to hack off your own arm to free yourself from a massive boulder? Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

This week we shine our searchlight on real and fictional people who have been trapped – both in a physical space or somewhere more metaphysical.

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Episode 36 – Fictional Elections

Boy, hasn’t this Presidential election been a blast! Wait, no, scratch that – it’s been a living hell. We might wish that it was fictional and it might seem like a bad dream, but it’s happening. So let’s blow off some steam and remind ourselves about some of the best Fictional Elections in history! This week, Michael and Richard debate the relevant issues of the day (i.e. whose Rushmore is better) while Jeff moderates and tries to keep the lies separated from the half-truths.

A big tip of the straw hat to Jennifer Skornik for suggesting the topic!

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