Episode 48 – Fake Elvises

Once in a Blue Moon we get an idea for an episode that gets us All Shook Up. That’s the case this week as It’s Now Or Never for us to take a look at Fake Elvises (Elvii?) – whether they are impersonators, fictional portrayals or something else entirely. Elvis is pop culture and the different types of faux Elvises amplify the many different ways he can be viewed.

Jeff, as always, is the King of this episode, as he chooses from Richard and Michael’s picks. So Don’t Be Cruel – give this episode a listen.

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Episode 47 – Jackets

An article of clothing can define a person – and that’s definitely true when it comes to jackets. Some of the most iconic looks in pop culture history are closely tied to the jacket a person is wearing. Think about Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” or Joey Ramone on every Ramones album cover ever and you think about their leather jacket.

It’s a very broad topic, which is evident as Michael and Richard take very difference approaches with their choices. Will Jeff be able to wade through it all to decide a winner and who has to wear the Jacket of Shame? (Note: not a real thing.)

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Episode 46: Movies That Never Got Made

Hollywood releases roughly 248,000 movies every year, and about 10 of them are any good. It might seem that literally any movie will be released as soon as the first scene is shot, but that isn’t the case at all. Many movies are planned – or even start filming – yet never make their way to America’s multiplexes.

So let’s celebrate the cinematic masterpieces/disasters that never saw the light of day. Michael, Richard and Jeff are ready to roll action, and we’re hoping the studio isn’t asking for major rewrites.

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Episode 45 – Best Concerts You’ve Been To

Not too long ago, we discussed all of the many annoying things that can happen when you go to a “rock & roll” concert. But yet we still keep going to shows! That’s because when things go just right and everything clicks it can truly be magic.

This week, we discuss some of the best concerts we’ve ever been to – for a variety of reasons.

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