Episode 52 – TV Catchphrases

How you doin’? If you love TV catchphrases, then come on down! And if you don’t, you can sit on it, Potsie! One man who will not be kissing any grits is our friend Chapen, who suggested the topic and agreed to come on the show and make some choices against the team of Richard and Michael (aka Winfredi or Manfield).

We think you’ll give Two Thumbs Up to this podcast. When it comes to great TV catchphrases, these are Dy-no-mite! (And if you don’t think so, you can bite our shiny metal asses.)

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Episode 51 – Conspiracy Theories We Kinda Believe

We’re smart and sensible people who don’t believe in wacky conspiracy theories. But then again, there are a few that make us think…maybe? This week, we tackle the subject of conspiracy theories we can’t dismiss completely even if we don’t actually believe them.

Unless, of course, that’s what we WANT you to believe, and this whole podcast contains hidden messages to the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion and the Reverse Vampires secretly controlled by the Rand Corporation plotting our next stage of worldwide control. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

PS – We didn’t plan for Episode 51 to be about Conspiracy Theories (like Area 51). It just kind of happened. OR DID IT?

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Episode 50 – Mt. Rushmores

We’ve hit the big 50 and to celebrate we’re getting super-hyper-mega-meta. The whole concept of our podcast revolves around the iconic nature of Mt. Rushmore. Just say the name and you automatically understand what it looks like and what it stands for. So it’s little wonder why it has served as a backdrop and been spoofed in so many different places.

Join Michael, Richard and Jeff as they check out some fictional uses of Mt. Rushmore before chiselling one of their own.

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Episode 49 – Pop Culture That Depicts a Naive and Dated Fear of Soviet Russia

Remember back when we spent every waking moment worried that the Soviet Union would invade the United States or decide to launch a nuclear attack since those dirty Commies couldn’t handle being on the same planet with BLAZING AMERICAN FREEDOM? Man, it sure is good that we don’t have to worry about THAT anymore!

We look back at the past – or prepare for the future – by remembering some pieces of pop culture that showed just how frightened or confused we were about the Soviets through the 1980s. So slam some vodka, put on a fuzzy hat and get ready for a pre-Perestroika madness.

And remember: in Russia podcast downloads YOU!

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