Episode 57 – Comebacks

Don’t call it a comeback!… Wait, do. Do call it that.

Richard and Michael debate the most iconic Comebacks in music, acting, politics and their favorite category “whatever” this week as they try to figure out who has reached the highest highs, then the lowest lows, then a weird gooey middle, before hitting the highs again. Only Jeff can judge who belongs on Mt. Rushmore!

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Episode 56 – Office Politics

Hey, did you hear about the Mt. Rushmore Podcast? I heard from Phyllis in HR that they are doing an episode on Office Politics this week. Crazy, right? I shouldn’t say too much, but the rumor going around is that Michael thought Richard was stealing his lunch from the fridge, so now they have to go in front of Jeff for arbitration.

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll talk about a lot more than just that during their session. They are going to get into all kinds of juicy stuff that happens at the office. It’s going to be so good! I can’t wait until I hear more about it at the water cooler.

Also, could you not burn your popcorn in the microwave over your break, man? That’s super rude.

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Episode 55 – Fictional Dorks

In Episode 55, we looked at the coolest characters ever. This week, we turn the tables and look at the Rushmore of Fictional Dorks. Some might say it’s a topic the three of us were born to tackle. Those people are mean bullies who need to stop or else we’re telling teacher.

So what is a dork? And how is that different than a geek, nerd, or dweeb? We get into that, along with our picks.

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Episode 54 – Fictional Cool Guys

This week we take a look at the coolest cats around (and we’re not talking about Heathcliff). It’s our look at the most definitely and iconic cool guys from TV and film. Because when you are looking for experts on cool, look no further than three guys running a podcast out of a spare bedroom.

And make sure you stick around until the end for a shocking cliffhanger that will leave your cliff hung (again, not Heathcliff).

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Episode 53 – David Bowie Phases

Ziggy Stardust! The Thin White Duke! Aladdin Sane! Dude singing with Bing Crosby! No matter what phase David Bowie went through in his career, they were never boring. Well, except for Tin Machine, but otherwise…

This week we take a look back at the career of rock and roll’s great chameleon and choose the most iconic and interesting phases of his career. So let’s dance and celebrate our favorite Star, man, and all of the changes he went through.

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