Episode 61 – Annoying Movie Characters

There’s nothing like watching a great movie, only to have your blood boil every time a certain character appears onscreen. Sometimes the actor is giving a terrible performance. In other cases, they are TRYING to be annoying. And then there are great actors stuck portraying an awful character.

In wrestling it’s known as “X-Pac Heat” but here we’re just talking the Rushmore of Annoying Characters in Great Movies. Join Richard, Michael and Jeff as they overact, use grating accents and otherwise bug the hell out of you.

So, basically, it’s another show.

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Episode 60 – IKEA

Nothing says “America” like loading up the family in the Volvo and spending the afternoon at IKEA. And we mean “afternoon” since there’s no way you are getting out of there in less than two hours. After you’re done, you can unwind by spending the rest of the evening loading giant boxes of plywood furniture from your car to your apartment and then trying to find the right Allen wrench to put your coffee table together.

This week we tackle the Rushmore of all things IKEA. From the quality of their goods to the suspicious content of their meatballs, it’s a veritable “smorgasbord” of goodness. So grab a giant blue bag, drop the kids off at the playroom and get ready to shop ’til you drop.

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Episode 59 – Deus ex Machinas

We’ll be honest – we thought there was no way that we were going to be able to post this episode. Because of a series of unfortunate investments (I guess last week was a bad time to go all-in on United?) and gambling addictions, we were dead broke and didn’t think we could afford the basic podcasting fees. But just when Mr. Willoughby from the bank was ready to foreclose on us, Jeff’s eccentric rich uncle died and left him $1 million!

Does that garbage ending make you mad? Then prepare for a whole episode of that feeling, since we’re talking the Mt. Rushmore of Deus ex Machinas! We get into times when something completely out of nowhere manages to save the hero or wrap up the story. Make sure you listen until the end, when we find the “Make Your Podcast Famous” button on our mixer and become bigger than Marc Maron or that guy who’s been stalking Richard Simmons!

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Episode 58 – Slobs vs. Snobs

The rivalry between slobs and snobs goes back to the earliest days of man. Ancient wall paintings tell us of Cro-Magnons, who were constantly annoyed by the loutish Neanderthals running around naked all day and banging their rocks all night while they were trying to make their advanced tools.

This week we explore the history of Slobs vs. Snobs in movies, sports and music. So, depending on your perspective, crack open a Busch Light or a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoy!

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