Episode 70 – As Seen on TV Products

Has this ever happened to you – you’re trying to find a new podcast episode but your ears just keep getting filled with the same old boring stuff? Well, now there’s help. Say hello to our As Seen on TV Products episode!

You’ll get all four of Richard’s favorite useless products. But wait! We’ll throw in Michael’s semi-informed opinions ABSOLUTELY FREE! And if you act now, you’ll also get Jeff’s imperialistic judgments as a bonus gift. How can you possibly turn this down?

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Episode 69: Albums You Listened to As a Kid (And No Frontin’)

Our musical tastes change as we get older – one day you are listening to “Sesame Street Fever” as a precocious child. Then you grow up into a moody teenager and dive into the world of Japanese thrash and Norwegian techno because you’re cooler than everyone else. And then you hit your 30s and start listening to “Sesame Street Fever” again because your kids found it in the garage and it’s STILL AMAZING.

This week Richard and Michael dig deep into their youths to talk about the albums they remember loving as a kid. And no frontin’ – that means not retroactively making your choices cooler than they were. Jeff and his brother Sam are on board to keep them honest and ensure that this is a NO FRONTIN’ ZONE!

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Episode 68 – Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

Getting your music video played on MTV was the goal of almost every musical act in the 1980s and 1990s. (Yes, kids: MTV actually used to play music videos instead of a 24/7 loop of Real World/Road Rules Challenge). And there was nothing to make your music video stand out like have a celebrity – or multiple celebrities – show up for a cameo.

I mean, who could deny the celebrity firepower of Rodney Dangerfield, Milton Berle or Ally Sheedy. One of them appearing in your music video = instant hit!

We break down the best – and strangest – celebrity music video cameos ever. Jeff’s had enough of Michael and Richard’s shenanigans, so he’s brought in some help – his brother Sam! It’s double the Hopkins, double the judgments.

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Episode 67 – Spoiler Alerts

SPOILER ALERT! No, that’s actually what we’re talking about in this episode. As social media becomes more ubiquitous – Facebook and Twitter feeds will be implanted straight into our eyes by 2025 – it’s harder to keep “shocking” twists shocking. You practically have to live like a hermit and NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE FOR HOURS if you don’t want those jerks on the East Coast to ruin all the fun of the “Riverdale” season finale.

So while we’re talking about Spoiler Alerts this week, we won’t spoil our choices (except for after the jump). Trust us: We wouldn’t dare ruin the surprise that Michael chose all spoilers from Korean soap opera as his picks. And definitely not the fact that Jeff is actually Richard’s father. That would just be awful.

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Episode 66 – Surf Songs

Few styles of rock music are as evocative of a particular time and place than surf music. As soon as the opening guitar or drum riff to a surf classic, you are instantly transported back to a time when it was all about catching some waves and soaking up the sun. Or, you are currently at Island’s taking advantage of their 2-for-1 Kona Longboard Happy Hour specials.

There are no better people to give their opinions on the most iconic surf songs than three guys whose experiences with surfing are limited to watching “Point Break.” There’s a decent chance we missed something that should be on the Mt. Rushmore of Surf Songs – let us know what it is.

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