Episode 74 – Canadians

Canada: our neighbor to the North, with access to everything from free healthcare to French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. (Note: perhaps there’s a correlation between the poutine and the need for healthcare?) They’re just like us, except for being much more polite, speaking two languages and having a working system of governance.

So when we decided to do our Rushmore of Canadians, we knew we were out of our depths and needed an expert. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to convince Casey Corbin to join us as a guest judge. Casey is one of Canada’s most successful stand-up comedians and a REAL CANADIAN who truly understands what makes Canadians tick. (Answer: mostly maple syrup.)

If you like funny things (despite your patronage of this podcast), you should definitely follow Casey on Twitter and listen to his comedy album “Vampires Are Popular” on Spotify. And if you like wrestling, also make sure to check out his Talk ‘N Wrestling Podcast.

So grab a Labatt’s, order some Pizza Pizza, turn down the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme and crank up this episode. Please?

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Episode 73 – Truckers

This week, the boys are loading up the Big Orange and putting the hammer down on the Super Slab. They’ve got a load of hot takes on pop culture truckers, and they aren’t stopping until they reach the 99. That is, if they can get their convoy past Smokey.

Yeah, we really don’t know what that means, either, but we know it sounds cool as hell. And that’s because truckers are cool as hell. Well, the ones who aren’t serial killers, but really, that’s such a small population that we shouldn’t worry about it. Instead, we’re talking nothing but bandits. Outlaws. Good Buddies, if you will.

So turn on your CBs and get ready for a big Breaker 1-9 on the Mt. Rushmore of Truckers.


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Episode 72 – ROAD TRIP!!!

OK, before we get on the road with this podcast, make sure that you’ve got everything you need. Everyone went to the bathroom before we left, right? Everyone has snacks and whatever they are going to read or listen to on the road? Because once we get this podcast started, I’m not stopping until it’s time for lunch.

Yes, there’s nothing like the lure of the open road. Especially when you are trapped in a car for hours with your family or friends. So instead of another game of Slug Bug to break up the boredom of your 11-hour trek from Sioux City to St. Louis, put this week’s episode on over your car speakers as we discuss the best and worst things about road trips.

Wait, what? You have to go to the bathroom? But we just left 10 minutes ago! Fine, we’ll pull this podcast over, but after this, that’s it!

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Episode 71 – Trades

Look, we don’t have any money. But we’re willing to trade ya 40 minutes of our C minus quality podcasting for 40 minutes of your super extra valuable time. Sound fair? Good.

This week we cover the Mt. Rushmore of Trades. From The Great One to the Bambino to Oswald the Rabbit, we’ve pretty much got it covered.

We also accept magic beans.

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