Episode 98 – Lovable Drunks

According to pop culture, there’s nothing as heartwarming and comical as alcoholism. For every serious portrayal of the damage that alcohol addiction causes, there are three examples of wacky lushes who are permanently soused but always get the best lines.

So let’s open up a bottle of your favorite adult beverage and indulge in moderation as we plow through this week’s episode on Lovable Drunks in one sitting!

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Episode 97 – Movies I’d Show An Alien Culture to Prove We’re Cool

Look, based on 2017, “aliens land on Earth” is only about the 20th least-likely thing that will happen this year. (Right behind “Trump admits it was a joke” and ahead of “Andy Kaufman admits it was a joke.”) So in case it does happen, as a people we need to have an ace in the hole: movies that we can show to aliens to prove that we’re cool.

This week Michael and Richard take different paths to cool, and it’s up to Jeff to separate the Fonzes from the Potsies. And if you aren’t too cool for school, beam yourself over to iTunes or your other favorite podcast listening service and give us a review.

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Bonus Rushmore: One-Scene Spinal Tap Characters

Earlier this year we did an episode on the Rushmore of Ensemble Comedies, and you can best believe that This Is Spinal Tap came up. One of the most amazing parts of the movie is that even after dozens of viewings, you still catch new things or are reminded of very small bits that are better than the big gags in most films.

In many cases, the person delivering the line isn’t one of the band members, or even a main supporting player (like Ian Faith or Jeanine). The Spinal Tap world is filled with scores of people who are either trying to get something from the band or deal with their nonsense. After having aTap), here’s our take on the Rushmore of One-Scene Spinal Tap Characters


Why he’s on our Rushmore:

Even for a band of minor and fading fame (not Duke Fame) such as Spinal Tap, having to deal with people wanting to take your time away to sign an autograph, take a picture or have a conversation like you are best friends must be a chore. And this is especially true if you are dealing with a limo driver who can’t take a hint.

Bruno Kirby did wounded remarkably well, so this part is tailor-made for him. His turn from “wanting to be pals” to “screw those guys” in a matter of seconds is a master class in subtle acting. Plus, maybe rock and roll really IS just a fad.

Best quote:

“You know what the title of that book should be? ‘Yes I Can if Frank Sinatra Says it’s Okay’. Cause Frank calls the shots for all of those guys.”


Why he’s on our Rushmore:

Who knew that Johnny Fever could play an oily, callous jerk so well? As the manager to the much, much bigger star Duke Fame (he did sell out the Enormodome or whatever it’s called), he barely has time for anything, much less a bunch of guys from the “Where Are They Now Files” and their manager Liam.

It’s the Bizarro World version of Spinal Tap and Ian Faith, where they are successful and everything runs smoothly. Although I’m willing to guess that the bottom fell out with grunge and rap, and Duke Fame is now touring small clubs with Slaughter as his opening act.

Best quote:

“Yeah, listen, we’d love to stand around and chat, but we’ve gotta…sit down in the lobby and wait for the limo.”

(Note: you don’t think the limo was driven by one Tommy Pischedda, do you?)


Why he’s on our Rushmore:

Because it’s Fred Willard, dummy.

Best quote:

“May I start by saying how thrilled we are to have you here, we are such fans of your music, and all of your records. I am not speaking of yours personally, but the whole genre of the rock and roll.”


Why he’s on our Rushmore:

Because at their core, the members of Spinal Tap and their entourage are a bunch of man-babies who haven’t adjusted their egos to their current standing in the world, and wind up leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Whether it’s a limo driver who just wants to talk or a craft services person who didn’t pit all of the olives, no one is immune to the consequences of the band’s imbecilic nature.

Nowhere is this truer than back in the same Memphis hotel where they encounter Duke Fame and Terry Ladd. Yes, it might be true that the hotel royally screwed up by booking one suite on the seventh floor instead of seven suites (a King Leisure!) for 14 people. But that doesn’t mean that The British Guy From The Jeffersons has to deal with being called a “twisted old fruit” by Ian Faith.

Best quote:

“I’m just as God made me, sir.”

Episode 96 – Mt. Rushmore Podcast’s Season Two Mt. Rushmores

No need to get fancy here – we’re reviewing our favorite episodes from one of our two favorite seasons of the podcast. We hope that you had as much fun listening as we’ve had making shows for the last two years, and are ready for some new, great topics in 2018.


Michael’s Choices: Jackets, Halloween Songs, Pop Culture that Depicts A Ridiculously Naive and Dated Fear of Soviet Russia, Four Albums You Listened to as a Child (and No Frontin’)

Richard’s Choices: Halloween Songs, Conspiracy Theories We Kinda Believe, As-Seen-on-TV Products, Four Albums You Listened to as a Child (and No Frontin’)