Episode 103: Secondary Seinfeld Characters

It’s amazing how large a world can be created around a show about nothing. Yes, we watch Seinfeld because of the wacky, misanthropic adventures of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, but often it’s the characters outside of the Core Four who wind up stealing the show.

Join us this week as we debate who belongs on the Rushmore of Secondary Seinfeld Characters. Some of them can match the gang awful action for awful action, while others are innocents caught up in their wake. Either way, make sure you stay tuned until the end immediately following Jeff’s Airing of Grievances for Richard and Michael competing in the Feats of Strength and then yada yada yada.

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Episode 102: Famous Hyphenates

It’s a rare breed of people who can be really good at multiple things. Heck, it’s pretty rare to find someone any good at one thing. Most people are like the sandwich “artist” at my local Subway who always puts too much oil and vinegar on my sub even though I ask for just a dash.

This week we’re celebrating some of the most famous – and sometimes surprising – polymaths in pop culture and history. These are the Swiss Army Knives of entertainment. Especially in the case of Nick Offerman, who can probably make a canoe out of a log using a Swiss Army Knife.

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Episode 101: Unusual Album Designs (with Jim Hanke)

This week we’re joined by Jim Hanke from Vinyl Emergency to explore all of the strange, cool and unusual designs found in classic and current albums. We cover everything from edible EPs to covers featuring pictures of pants with fully working zippers (even if it did sort of ruin the physical album inside.)

Jim brings his fantastic wealth of information, while Michael and Richard team up with stuff they found on Wikipedia. Who will win? Only Jeff knows, but honestly, the answer is pretty obvious.

Make sure you follow Vinyl Emergency on Twitter and Facebook along with checking out his show, where he has interviewed big shots including Matthew Sweet and Roseanne Cash.

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