Episode 51 – Conspiracy Theories We Kinda Believe

We’re smart and sensible people who don’t believe in wacky conspiracy theories. But then again, there are a few that make us think…maybe? This week, we tackle the subject of conspiracy theories we can’t dismiss completely even if we don’t actually believe them.

Unless, of course, that’s what we WANT you to believe, and this whole podcast contains hidden messages to the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion and the Reverse Vampires secretly controlled by the Rand Corporation plotting our next stage of worldwide control. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

PS – We didn’t plan for Episode 51 to be about Conspiracy Theories (like Area 51). It just kind of happened. OR DID IT?

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Episode 50 – Mt. Rushmores

We’ve hit the big 50 and to celebrate we’re getting super-hyper-mega-meta. The whole concept of our podcast revolves around the iconic nature of Mt. Rushmore. Just say the name and you automatically understand what it looks like and what it stands for. So it’s little wonder why it has served as a backdrop and been spoofed in so many different places.

Join Michael, Richard and Jeff as they check out some fictional uses of Mt. Rushmore before chiselling one of their own.

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Episode 49 – Pop Culture That Depicts a Naive and Dated Fear of Soviet Russia

Remember back when we spent every waking moment worried that the Soviet Union would invade the United States or decide to launch a nuclear attack since those dirty Commies couldn’t handle being on the same planet with BLAZING AMERICAN FREEDOM? Man, it sure is good that we don’t have to worry about THAT anymore!

We look back at the past – or prepare for the future – by remembering some pieces of pop culture that showed just how frightened or confused we were about the Soviets through the 1980s. So slam some vodka, put on a fuzzy hat and get ready for a pre-Perestroika madness.

And remember: in Russia podcast downloads YOU!

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Episode 48 – Fake Elvises

Once in a Blue Moon we get an idea for an episode that gets us All Shook Up. That’s the case this week as It’s Now Or Never for us to take a look at Fake Elvises (Elvii?) – whether they are impersonators, fictional portrayals or something else entirely. Elvis is pop culture and the different types of faux Elvises amplify the many different ways he can be viewed.

Jeff, as always, is the King of this episode, as he chooses from Richard and Michael’s picks. So Don’t Be Cruel – give this episode a listen.

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Episode 47 – Jackets

An article of clothing can define a person – and that’s definitely true when it comes to jackets. Some of the most iconic looks in pop culture history are closely tied to the jacket a person is wearing. Think about Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” or Joey Ramone on every Ramones album cover ever and you think about their leather jacket.

It’s a very broad topic, which is evident as Michael and Richard take very difference approaches with their choices. Will Jeff be able to wade through it all to decide a winner and who has to wear the Jacket of Shame? (Note: not a real thing.)

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Episode 46: Movies That Never Got Made

Hollywood releases roughly 248,000 movies every year, and about 10 of them are any good. It might seem that literally any movie will be released as soon as the first scene is shot, but that isn’t the case at all. Many movies are planned – or even start filming – yet never make their way to America’s multiplexes.

So let’s celebrate the cinematic masterpieces/disasters that never saw the light of day. Michael, Richard and Jeff are ready to roll action, and we’re hoping the studio isn’t asking for major rewrites.

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Episode 45 – Best Concerts You’ve Been To

Not too long ago, we discussed all of the many annoying things that can happen when you go to a “rock & roll” concert. But yet we still keep going to shows! That’s because when things go just right and everything clicks it can truly be magic.

This week, we discuss some of the best concerts we’ve ever been to – for a variety of reasons.

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Episode 44 – Mt. Rushmore of the Mt. Rushmore Podcast’s Season One Mt. Rushmores

Let’s face it: 2016’s been a nightmare. We’re sure it’s just a coincidence that the worst year in recent memory happened at the same time we launched the first year of the podcast. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a little light entertainment to give you a few hours of respite from the never ending drum beat of suck that this year became.

It’s a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE this week as we look back at our personal Rushmores of things that happened in the show over the past 12 months (roughly). Take a listen to find out if your favorite moment made the cut.

Episode 43 – Must Have Christmas Toys

There’s no joy like waking up on Christmas morning to find out that Santa had brought you the perfect present; similarly, nothing is more disappointing than getting Go-Bots when all of your other friends got kick-ass Transformers, or being told that Santa “ran out” of Cabbage Patch Kids so you’ll have to settle for a Raggedy Ann.

With Christmas right around the corner, we look back at some of the hottest Must Have Christmas Toys of All-Time. Jeff’s made a list, he’s checking it twice…and yeah, Michael and Richard have been both naughty and nice.

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Episode 42 – Secondary Star Wars Droids

Sure, everyone remembers R2-D2 and C3PO, but what about the lost souls of the Star Wars universe? OK, they are droids, so technically they don’t have souls, but they are still important, damn it!

Richard knows next to nothing about the world of secondary Star Wars droids. Which makes him the perfect judge as Michael and Jeff showcase their nerdery and argue about the merits of some of the lesser but still important robots in the Star Wars world.

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