Episode 131: Mid/Post-Credit Scenes in Movies

There’s nothing like sitting through 30 minutes of trailers and two hours of movie only to feel like you need to sit through another 10 minutes of credits. Why? Not because you really want to find out who the Best Boy Grip was on the production – no, you’re stuck there because you have to see if there’s any extra scenes hidden in the credits.

This week we’re taking on mid- and post-credit scenes. Amazingly, there once was a time when the movie actually ended before the credits! We remember this because we’re old.

Stick around until the end and don’t miss the bonus scene where Jeff acquires the Power Disc of Podcast Immortality. What will this mean for next week’s episode?


  • The Avengers “Schwarma” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Iron Man “Avengers Initiative” (Michael’s Choice)
  • Cannonball Run “Outtakes” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Napoleon Dynamite “Kip’s Wedding” (Michael’s Choice)
  • Airplane! “Taxi Fare” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Rumble in the Bronx “Outtakes” (Michael’s Choice)
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Out “Go Home” (Richard’s Choice)
  • Masters of the Universe “Skeletor’s Line” (Michael’s Choic

Episode 130: Doppelgangers

Imagine if you had someone who looked and sounded JUST LIKE YOU. Except they had one difference that made them totally evil – like being the type of person who microwaves broccoli in the work lunchroom and smells the whole place up for the rest of the day. How frightening would THAT be?

This week we’re exploring lookalikes – both as harbingers of pending doom and as wacky celebrity impersonators. But not necessarily both.


  • MyClone (Michael’s Pick)
  • Lincoln Doppelganger (Richard’s Pick)
  • Shadow Link from Legend of Zelda II (Michael’s Pick)
  • Nega-Scott from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Richard’s Pick)
  • Evil Spock (Michael’s Choice)
  • The video for “Bad Cover Version” by Pulp (Richard’s Pick)
  • Doppelganger Spider-Man (Michael’s Pick)
  • Toni Braxton Impersonator Trina Johnson-Finn (Richard’s Pick)

Episode 129: Things You Have Lost

This week’s episode is about the act of losing something, which can go in many directions. It could mean losing something physical, like a toy or tickets to a sporting event. Or, it could mean something a little more ethereal, like a loss of innocence.

But mainly, it’s about how annoying it is to keep losing your earbuds. Isn’t that just the worst?

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Episode 128: Things That Ruin Movies/TV Shows

A great movie or TV shows transports you out of your normal, humdrum existence into another world. You become so absorbed in the people, places and things that are happening in front of you that you eventually forget that you’re watching a screen and feel like you are actually part of everything happening in front of you.

And then some ding-dong actor swings his “full” coffee mug around and makes it clear that it’s actually empty. RECORD SCRATCH and all of the illusion is ruined. So this week we’re talking about the moments that take you completely out of a film or TV show and just ruin the whole experience.

Episode 127: Board Games

We may have a Monopoly on the idea of what belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of Board Games, but that doesn’t mean we have a Clue. This week we’re looking at everyone’s favorite time-waster/family fight starter. Our choices run the gamut from all-time classics to forgotten personal favorites.

Want to know if your top pick made the list? I guess you’ll have to listen and Yahtzee. (Sorry, that last one was terrible. Nothing but Trouble if you ask me.)

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Episode 126: Something You Were Too Young to Appreciate Yet

This week we turn the magnifying glass on our younger selves to analyze those things we were just too young to appreciate. A good glass of brandy. A fine pair of sneakers. Hell, even the crushing, yet liberating, weight of being absolutely alone. But not in that Lydia Deetz sort of Beetlejuicey/goth way.

Episode 125: Actors Playing Real Presidents

Can you imagine someone having to pretend to be the President of the United States?

No, seriously, we’ll wait for you to stop laughing.

We mean REAL ACTORS. After all, our presidents are among some of the most recognizable figures in American history. Whether they are heroes or scoundrels, they cast a large shadow. Put it this way: everyone can do a bad JFK impression, but how many people can do it well enough to be credible in a movie or TV show?

(Answer: Not Greg Kinnear in “The Kennedys”)

This week we look at the people who got it right, whether their performance was carefully crafted homage or scathing satire.

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Episode 124: Songs Featuring Spelling

Do we have to spell out what this week’s episode is about? Well, we probably should. It’s all about S to the Izzo, P to the Pizzo, E to the…uh, E-izzo…look, this is getting complicated. Just…we’re talking about songs featuring spelling, OK?

And no, we don’t mean Tori Spelling. We mean words being spelled out during the course of the song. So get out of here, “Alphabet Song” – you’re not spelling anything out. Here’s a hint for one of this week’s choices: if you don’t R-E-S-P-E-C-T our choices, you can P-O-U-N-D S-A-L-T.

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Episode 123: Jock Jams

Let’s PUMP UP THE JAMS! This week we’re discussing the songs that get you READY TO ROCK at the stadium when you go to see your favorite sports team. Expect more RADICAL ALL-CAPS WORDS in this episode than ever before.

Seriously, if this episode doesn’t get you FULLY READY TO BLOW SOME SHIT UP then you don’t have a sports bone in your body.

Episode 122: Old Man Shit

You kids today, with your iPhones and your podcasts. We didn’t have anything like that in our day. If we wanted to hear something interesting, we’d listen to our ears ringing after our Dads boxed our ears in for showing up five minutes late for dinner. That’s the way that it was AND WE LIKED IT!

This week we explore all of the things that we’re dealing with as we get older. We strongly encourage you to get off of our lawns and want to let you know that your “boy bands” today can’t hold a candle to The Monkees.

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