Episode 11: Bands That Should Have Been Bigger

Mt. Rushmore of Bands Who Should Have Been Bigger

The “Great Lost Band” is a white whale, except usually with more addiction problems than Moby Dick. Everyone has their favorite band that, for whatever reason, didn’t achieve the type of long-term commercial success they should have. In some cases, being pushed to the fringes let these bands explore more unusual creative elements and created a cult of hardcore fans.

We take a look at the bands that, in our opinion, should have been much more successful than they were in their times. So come aboard our musical Peaquod and wait, what happened to the boat at the end? Yikes! Never mind. Well, we just hope you enjoy the show.


Michael’s Picks:

The Kinks


The Walkmen

The Smiths

Richard’s Picks

The Replacements

Big Star


Sir Douglas Quintet

3 thoughts on “Episode 11: Bands That Should Have Been Bigger”

  1. The kinks !! When they came over, 3rd as you say(not exactly lol the Beatles weren’t first either) but when they did they blew the beatles and everyone else away with a string of hit’s. The also were miles ahead of anyone else at the time, playing punk in the 60’s essentially, the lyrics and the attitude was edgier and about sex and politics, the real world. Meanwhile the beatles are singing about holding hands. Wouldn’t change the kinks at all there discovery is far more impressive and varied than any other British band filled with 100’s of songs you will think “why is this song not a massive hit” and you find yourself singing along with them more than anyone I think. Ray/David were not really the two who were constantly fighting. Was also not the reason they were banned. The Kinks management at the time really let them down and cost them dearly and basically fell out with the wrong people meaning the kinks music wouldn’t be played in America, it was all to do with money, also there is a conspiracy theory relating to the beatles management and the block which came when the kinks were taking the world by storm. Ray was pretty laid back and reserved the friction/fighting was between the drummer Mick Avory & Dave, Mick even went on the run after he thought that he had killed him during one gig when he threw his symbol at Dave’s head! Basically yeah! they should’ve been a lot bigger, but it’s good to have bands that have literally 100’s of songs that are absolute gems you’ve never heard before, their albums feel fresh even today. If you listen to the kinks a lot and then go to say blur, oasis etc you will notice just how much they influenced everything that comes after them!

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