Episode 15 – Fictional Wealthy People

Mt. Rushmore of Fictional Wealthy People

If you are making a film, TV show or book and need an instant villain – just add a rich person. You automatically have a source of conflict with the “common people” and a character that the audience already feels like they know. Of course, not all rich characters are evil, because these are works of fiction that can be different than real life.

In this episode we explore the many different types of rich people. And Michael shows just how little he does at work by coming up with a comprehensive 3D graph plotting different types of rich people.


Michael’s Rich People Graph:

Fictional Wealthy People Graph

Joint Picks:

Scrooge McDuck

Randolph and Mortimer Duke

Michael’s Picks:

Montgomery Brewster

Thurston Howell III

Richard’s Picks:

J.R. Ewing

The Best of J.R. Ewing:

Charles Foster Kane

You Must Remember This: MGM Stories Part Two – Marion Davies, William Randolph Hearst and Citizen Kane

“Citizen Kane” Obituary Newsreel

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