Episode 17 – Recess Activities (with Guest Judge Vivian)

Mt. Rushmore of Recess Activities

Michael, Richard and Jeff want to discuss the merits of all of the fun recess activities they did as kids. But since they are all old, they realized they needed a recess expert who is a little bit closer to the target audience and has recent firsthand knowledge of the finer points of Recessology.

With that in mind, welcome our first Guest Judge – Richard’s daughter Vivian (age 8). She’s on board to lay down the law and teach the grown-ups a thing or two about how kids like to spend their free time.


Joint Pick: 


Richard’s Picks:


SquareFour.org, the “official” webiste of Foursquare

Jungle Gym


Michael’s Picks:


Jump Rope

Thumbs Up Seven Up

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