Episode 18 – Training Montage Music

Mt. Rushmore of Training Songs

Are you ready to get PUMPED? We’re definitely ready to get PUMPED! You can tell how PUMPED we are by how often we spell PUMPED in ALL CAPS! Maybe we’ll throw some extra exclamation points in there just to show just how PUMPED we are!!!

If you want to get PUMPED like us, you’re going to need the right music. Fortunately, this week we’ve got you covered, as we explore the Mt. Rushmore of Training Montage Music. This topic was suggest by Aaron Spacemuseum, a great musician and friend of the show. If you have an idea for a topic, let us know in the comments.

WARNING: Lots of “Rocky” ahead. Also, make sure you listen for the MAJOR CONTROVERSY that breaks loose midway through.



Joint Picks

“Gonna Fly Now” from the Rocky movies*

“Number One” from “Real Genius”

Richard’s Picks

“Heart’s on Fire” from “Rocky IV”

“Titles” from “Chariots of Fire”

Michael’s Picks

“Let’s Hear It For the Boy” from “Footloose”

“Higher and Higher” from “Wet Hot American Summer”

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