Episode 22 – TV Cop Teams

It seems as though you can’t turn on a television these days without landing on a TV cop show within a few spins of your dial. People love to watch because they want to feel like there are good guys keeping them safe. Also, they want to be assured that if they are found dead in the dugout of a baseball stadium, the detective will have a witty one-liner like “Well, I guess he’ll need a pinch hitter.”

But TV cop shows are about more than solving crimes. They are also about the relationships between the partners. Often, they are mismatched pairs who have to learn to put aside their differences to root out crime. In other cases, Jack Webb is involved and the other guy kind of stands around.

This week Jeff gets to play both Good Cop & Bad Cop in a performance that’s sure to merit Emmy consideration, as he goes undercover as a amiable podcast host to take down the nefarious ferret smuggling operation run by Michael and Richard. He’ll win their trust by moderating their discussion of the Mt. Rushmore of TV Cop Teams and then…well, just wait for the final act.


Michael’s Choices

Joe Friday and Various Partners (Dragnet)

Lennie Briscoe and Various Partners (Law and Order)

John Munch and Various Partners (Every Show on Television)

Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle and Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

Richard’s Picks

Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs (Miami Vice)

Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey (Cagney & Lacey) 

Andy Taylor and Barney Fife (The Andy Griffith Show)

Five Behind-the-Scenes Facts About “The Andy Griffith Show” – Biography.com

Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt (Life On Mars)


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