Episode 27 – Desert Island Discs

Let’s be honest – if you brought four CDs with you on a deserted island, you’d probably use them for anything other than listening to music. You could sharpen the edges and use them as weapons to hunt birds or fish. Or shine them to reflect sunlight in hopes of catching the eye of a nearby boat or plane. Really, there are tons of uses for these things.

But, the trope is there for a reason. Music helps us to remember great things in our lives, or get us through tough periods. And being stuck on a deserted island is probably up there in terms of “tough periods”.

Michael, Richard and Jeff talk about the albums that shaped their lives and they would want to listen to again and again. So gather around the fire you’ve started using flint, rocks and seaweed and get ready to listen.


Michael’s Picks

“Weezer (aka the Blue Album)” – Weezer

“69 Love Songs” – Magnetic Fields

“Play” – Moby

“Kid A” – Radiohead

Richard’s Picks

“The Harder They Come” – Soundtrack

“Skylarking” – XTC

“Otis Blue” – Otis Redding

“Naked City” – John Zorn

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