Episode 28 – Things About Baseball (That Aren’t Necessarily About the Game)

Baseball is our national pastime for a reason – there’s nothing that says summer in the USA like taking the family to game, getting some hot dogs, drinks and peanuts, and then taking out a second mortgage to pay for all of it.

But let’s be honest – as great as baseball is, some of the best things about going to a game aren’t necessarily about what happens on the diamond. There’s a lot of time to kill while watching a game, which means a lot of time to notice the little things that make baseball so unique.


Michael’s Picks

Spouse/Child Throwing First Pitch to Returning Military Father:

Bat Flips:

Catching a Foul Ball Holding a Baby:

Catcher Jumping Into Pitcher’s Arms:

Richard’s Picks

Bullpen Shenanigans:

Baseball Helmet Soft Serve:

Walk Up Music:

Pitch Framing:

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