Episode 29 – Stupid Things People Do In Bar and Restaurants

There’s nothing worse than going to your favorite bar or restaurant and having your night ruined by some lout without a clue about the concept of civility. Some people simply can’t handle the basic manners required to eat anywhere but a Golden Corral, and even than they are probably cutting in line for the Chocolate Fondue Waterfall!

Richard, Michael and Jeff know about eating and drinking – they’ve been doing it their whole lives! This week they get together to discuss some of the rudest, most ignorant and just plain stupid things that customers do at bars and restaurants.


General Stupid Customer Links

“Astounding Stupid Restaurant Customers – Part 1 and Part 2” – Jezebel

Joint Pick

Bill Splitting

Richard’s Picks

Tipping with Change

Having to Sit Facing the Door

Not Knowing What to Order at a Fast Food Place

Michael’s Picks

Bad Tipping

Jukebox Abuse

Ordering Off Menu

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