Episode 30 – Best Actors (Seriously, Like Daniel Day-Lewis, and No Shitting Around)

The actor. A man or woman solely dedicated to their craft of taking the works of the world’s most talented playwrights and screenwriters and giving them life. Or, sometimes, they are happy to get a scene in a Fast & the Furious sequel with FIVE WHOLE LINES. Well, the hell with the Joe Schmo actors – we’re only talking about the best of the best.

This week, Richard and Michael try on the Masks of Comedy and Drama to explore the real – and we mean full on no fucking around – best actors ever. Meanwhile, Jeff plays “director”, which mainly means shouting things at us through an old-timey megaphone.


Joint Pick:

Meryl Streep

Richard’s Picks

Tom Hanks

William Holden

Alan Rickman

Michael’s Picks

Daniel Day-Lewis

Gary Oldman

Cary Grant

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