Episode 35 – Pop Culture Devils

He goes by many names. Satan. The Devil. Lucifer. Beelzebub. The Father of Lies. Mr. Scratch. The Parking Lot Attendant Who Makes You Pay Full Price When You Lose Your Ticket Even Though You Just Run Into Ross For Five Minutes. And there are just as many pop culture representations of him as there are names, likely because the entertainment industry lies clutched in his grip. Or because writers are lazy.

Michael, Richard and Jeff take a trip to the dark side and reveal some of the most iconic pop culture Devils as we get ready for Halloween.


Michael’s Picks

Saturday Night Live “Devil Can’t Write No Love Song” Sketch

“Oh God, You Devil”

Lucifer Morningstar

John Milton from “The Devil’s Advocate”

Richard’s Picks

Saturday Night Live “The People’s Court” Sketch

Ray Wise from “Reaper”

  • Ray Wise “Reaper” Reunion Interview

The Devil from “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

  • Charlie Daniels Earns Gold With “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” – The Boot.com

The New Jersey Devils Mascot

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