Episode 36 – Fictional Elections

Boy, hasn’t this Presidential election been a blast! Wait, no, scratch that – it’s been a living hell. We might wish that it was fictional and it might seem like a bad dream, but it’s happening. So let’s blow off some steam and remind ourselves about some of the best Fictional Elections in history! This week, Michael and Richard debate the relevant issues of the day (i.e. whose Rushmore is better) while Jeff moderates and tries to keep the lies separated from the half-truths.

A big tip of the straw hat to Jennifer Skornik for suggesting the topic!


Michael’s Choices

Bob Dole/Bill Clinton/Kodos/Kang, “The Simpsons”

Pedro Sanchez vs. Summer Wheatley – “Napoleon Dynamite”

Dony-on-the-Wold By Election – “Blackadder III”

“Swing Vote”

Richard’s Choices

Tracy Flick vs. Paul Metzler – “Election”

Santos vs. Vinick – “The West Wing”

Pawnee City Council: Leslie Knope vs. Bobby Newport – “Parks & Recreation”

“Election Night Special” – Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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