Episode 38 – Video Game Power-Ups

One of the things we often remember about our favorite games is the Power-Ups. These are the moments when something truly special happens. Suddenly, you have the upper hand, whether you are fighting masked ninjas or trying to kick your friend’s ass in NBA Jam.

This week we put our quarters on the machine and take our turn going over some of the best Power-Ups of arcade and console games. A special shout out to Richard’s RBI Baseball nerds for suggesting this topic and coming up with some great choices.


Joint Pick:

  • Power Pellets (Pac-Man)
  • “On Fire” (NBA Jam)

Michael’s Picks:

  • Magic Mushroom (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Spirit Orbs (Altered Beast)

Richard’s Picks:

  • MEAT (Gauntlet)
  • Steroids (Duke Nukem)

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