Episode 42 – Secondary Star Wars Droids

Sure, everyone remembers R2-D2 and C3PO, but what about the lost souls of the Star Wars universe? OK, they are droids, so technically they don’t have souls, but they are still important, damn it!

Richard knows next to nothing about the world of secondary Star Wars droids. Which makes him the perfect judge as Michael and Jeff showcase their nerdery and argue about the merits of some of the lesser but still important robots in the Star Wars world.


Jeff’s Choices

Gonk Droid

5D6-RA-7 Protocol Droid

2-1B Medical Droid


WED Treadwell Repair Droid – Wookiepedia

Michael’s Choices

Mouse Droid


BT-16 Spider Droid

WA7 (FLO) Waitress Droid

  • FLO – Wookiepedia

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