Episode 48 – Fake Elvises

Once in a Blue Moon we get an idea for an episode that gets us All Shook Up. That’s the case this week as It’s Now Or Never for us to take a look at Fake Elvises (Elvii?) – whether they are impersonators, fictional portrayals or something else entirely. Elvis is pop culture and the different types of faux Elvises amplify the many different ways he can be viewed.

Jeff, as always, is the King of this episode, as he chooses from Richard and Michael’s picks. So Don’t Be Cruel – give this episode a listen.

Michael’s Choices

Andy Kaufman as the Foreign Man as Elvis

El Vez

Elvis Trooper

Elvis Herselvis

Richard’s Choices

Thai Elvis

Bruce Campbell in “Bubba Ho-Tep”

The Red Elvises

Val Kilmer in “True Romance”


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