Episode 49 – Pop Culture That Depicts a Naive and Dated Fear of Soviet Russia

Remember back when we spent every waking moment worried that the Soviet Union would invade the United States or decide to launch a nuclear attack since those dirty Commies couldn’t handle being on the same planet with BLAZING AMERICAN FREEDOM? Man, it sure is good that we don’t have to worry about THAT anymore!

We look back at the past – or prepare for the future – by remembering some pieces of pop culture that showed just how frightened or confused we were about the Soviets through the 1980s. So slam some vodka, put on a fuzzy hat and get ready for a pre-Perestroika madness.

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Joint Pick

Ivan Drago, “Rocky IV”

Michael’s Picks

Yakov Smirnoff

“Worker and Parasite” cartoon from “The Simpsons”

Superman: Red Son

Richard’s Picks

“Russians” by Sting

WWF Wrestler Nikolai Volkoff (or any “Russian” wrestler in the 1980s)


Jeff’s Pick

The Russian Imposter on “Gilligan’s Island”


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