Episode 57 – Comebacks

Don’t call it a comeback!… Wait, do. Do call it that.

Richard and Michael debate the most iconic Comebacks in music, acting, politics and their favorite category “whatever” this week as they try to figure out who has reached the highest highs, then the lowest lows, then a weird gooey middle, before hitting the highs again. Only Jeff can judge who belongs on Mt. Rushmore!


Joint Choice

Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special

Michael’s Choices

Pee-Wee Herman

2004 MLB ALCS Boston Red Sox

Jesus (H. Christ)

Richard’s Choices

Michael Jackson (Post-Death)

Richard Nixon’s ’68 Comeback Special

Bjorn Borg

One thought on “Episode 57 – Comebacks”

  1. Fiction: Jesus
    Sports: Cubs vs. Astros 1989 – down 9-0, won 10-9.
    Actor: Travolta – worked at Itchy & Scratchy Land (“Yeah, looks like”), then Pulp Fiction.
    Annual: Salmon.
    Honorable Mention: Michael Jordan – 3 Championships.

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