Episode 59 – Deus ex Machinas

Mt. Rushmore of Deux ex Machina

We’ll be honest – we thought there was no way that we were going to be able to post this episode. Because of a series of unfortunate investments (I guess last week was a bad time to go all-in on United?) and gambling addictions, we were dead broke and didn’t think we could afford the basic podcasting fees. But just when Mr. Willoughby from the bank was ready to foreclose on us, Jeff’s eccentric rich uncle died and left him $1 million!

Does that garbage ending make you mad? Then prepare for a whole episode of that feeling, since we’re talking the Mt. Rushmore of Deus ex Machinas! We get into times when something completely out of nowhere manages to save the hero or wrap up the story. Make sure you listen until the end, when we find the “Make Your Podcast Famous” button on our mixer and become bigger than Marc Maron or that guy who’s been stalking Richard Simmons!


00:00 – Introduction

03:22 – Michael’s Choice: “Batman ’66” – Batman and Robin are saved from a torpedo by an off-screen dolphin.

07:59 – Richard’s Choice: “Signs” – Where the aliens are allergic to water after landing on a planet that is 70% water.

14:07 – Michael’s Choice: “The Wizard of Oz” – The Wicked Witch of the West just happens to melt when making contact with water.

18:01 – Richard’s Choice: “Toy Story 3” – The toys are saved from the incinerator by the Green Aliens using The Claw. (Note: a literally God Out of the Machine.)

22:50 – Michael’s Choice: “Lord of the Flies” – Ralph is miraculously rescued by a British naval officer and fleet.

28:30 – Richard’s Choice: “Jurassic Park” – Hero T. Rex comes in out of nowhere to kill the Velociraptor and save the day.

34:30 – Michael’s Choice: The Music Video for “The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough” – Andre the Giant saves everyone, for some reason.

39:32 – Richard’s Choice: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”: Indy and Marion are saved when the Covenant of the Ark melts everyone’s faces off.

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