Episode 6: Imaginary Features of Your Future Imaginary Home

Imaginary Features of Imaginary Homes

For as long as Man has sought shelter, so too has Man sought to make his shelter more comfortable. But where prehistoric man’s comforts involved finding softer moss for a bed, today’s people demand the latest in luxury, extravagance and random junk.

Join Michael, Richard and Jeff as they open up the Sharper Image catalog from 2066 and discover some of the features that they would love to have in their home but don’t exist.

Richard’s Choices:

  • On-Demand 3D Printer for Every Kitchen Implement
  • Never Ending Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Projection TV With Perfect View from Anywhere
  • House with Rollaway Roof

Michael’s Choices:

  • Giant Slide to Get Outside
  • Room With Padded Walls for Immediate Naps
  • Lightbulbs That All Go Out and Get Replaced at Once
  • Device to Give Yourself Advice From the Future

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