Episode 64 – Satisfying Sounds

You know what is music to your ears? Music. But also an incredibly satisfying sound! Whether is the crackling of the fire on a cold winter day or the swish of a basketball going through the hoop, we all have sounds that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Is our podcast on your Rushmore of Satisfying Sounds? Probably not! But we think you’ll enjoy us talking about some of our favorite sounds just the same.


  • The “pop” of opening a package of Pillsbury crescent rolls (Michael’s Pick)
  • The “twang” of a metal door stopper (Richard’s Pick)
  • The falling snow shovel that sounds like the intro guitar riff to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Michael’s Pick)
  • The cracking open of a beer can (Richard’s Pick)
  • Silence (Michael’s Pick)
  • A perfect strike in bowling (Richard’s Pick)
  • The Go-Away-Bird from “Animals Are Beautiful People” (Michael’s Pick)
  • A power chord (Richard’s Pick)

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