Episode 65 – Things (Other Than People) That Broke Your Heart

Way back in Episode 10 of this show (Editor’s Note: Yipes), we took a look at Video Games That Broke Your Heart. With more than a year of soul-crushing moments under our belts, we felt it was only right to expand this topic to include pretty much anything that has destroyed your spirit.

So why “things” and not “people?” Partially it’s because no one wants to hear about the girl who stood you up at your junior prom (Editor’s Note: THANKS A LOT DIANA!). But also because having a person break your heart at least gives you direct your anger toward. When it’s a thing or an event, it’s a lot tougher to make yourself feel better by assigning blame.

Except for this past Presidential Election. Plenty of blame to go around there.


1:10 – Dinosaurs with feathers (Michael’s Choice)

9:10 – Cat peed on Mean Gene’s Burgers T-shirt (Richard’s Choice)

15:09 – Notification from iPad that you’ve played 24 hours of “Solitaire” (Michael’s Choice)

20:30 – The 2016 Presidential Election (Richard’s Choice)

27:00 – When people choose to order from a lousy pizza chain (Michael’s Choice)

33:26 – Germany 1, United States 0: 2002 World Cup Quarterfinal (Richard’s Choice)

39:51 – Selling your comic book collection to make rent (Michael’s Choice)

48:33 – Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last minute cancellation (Richard’s Choice)

54:04 – Losing an audition for a Merchant-Ivory film (Jeff’s Choice)

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