Episode 66 – Surf Songs

Few styles of rock music are as evocative of a particular time and place than surf music. As soon as the opening guitar or drum riff to a surf classic, you are instantly transported back to a time when it was all about catching some waves and soaking up the sun. Or, you are currently at Island’s taking advantage of their 2-for-1 Kona Longboard Happy Hour specials.

There are no better people to give their opinions on the most iconic surf songs than three guys whose experiences with surfing are limited to watching “Point Break.” There’s a decent chance we missed something that should be on the Mt. Rushmore of Surf Songs – let us know what it is.


4:04 – “Skeet Surfin'” by Nick Rivers from “Top Secret” (Richard’s Choice)

7:55 – “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys (Michael’s Choice)

13:10 – “Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen (Richard’s Choice)

17:12 – “Pipeline” by the Ventures (Michael’s Choice)

22:15 – “Having an Average Weekend” by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (Richard’s Choice)

27:21 – “Let’s Go Surfing” by the Drums (Michael’s Choice)

31:45 – “Wipeout” by the Surfaris (Joint Choice)

37:15 – “Surf’s Up” by the Beach Boys (Jeff’s Choice)

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