Episode 69: Albums You Listened to As a Kid (And No Frontin’)

Our musical tastes change as we get older – one day you are listening to “Sesame Street Fever” as a precocious child. Then you grow up into a moody teenager and dive into the world of Japanese thrash and Norwegian techno because you’re cooler than everyone else. And then you hit your 30s and start listening to “Sesame Street Fever” again because your kids found it in the garage and it’s STILL AMAZING.

This week Richard and Michael dig deep into their youths to talk about the albums they remember loving as a kid. And no frontin’ – that means not retroactively making your choices cooler than they were. Jeff and his brother Sam are on board to keep them honest and ensure that this is a NO FRONTIN’ ZONE!


4:38 – “Synchronicity” by The Police (Richard’s Choice)

13:04 – “Chipmunk Punk” by The Chipmunks (Michael’s Choice)

19:25 – “Big Bam Boom” by Hall and Oates (Richard’s Choice)

23:55 – “Hearts and Bones” by Paul Simon (Michael’s Choice)

30:01 – “Graceland” by Paul Simon (Richard’s Choice)

37:52 – “Licensed to Ill” by The Beastie Boys (Michael’s Choice)

44:08 – “Sports!” by Huey Lewis and The News (Richard’s Choice)

48:00 -“Stand By Me” Soundtrack (Michael’s Choice)

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