Episode 7: The Worst Kind of Snobs

Mt Rushmore of Snobs

So you think you’re too good to listen to this week’s episode? What a coincidence – it happens to be about people who also think they’re better than you. Michael, Richard and Jeff run down the most annoying snobs possible.


Michael’s Choices:

Music Snobs

People Who Are Proud to Have Never Seen “Star Wars”

  • Wired articles (here and here) from people who had never seen “Star Wars”
  • Live Tweets of Some Girl Who Had Never Seen Star Wars

Ted Knight in “Caddyshack”

Coffee Snobs

Richard’s Choices:

Music Snobs

Beer Snobs

Parenting Snobs

  • Listen, just go to any park and see any group of parents (and not the nannies), OK?

Comedy Snobs

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