Episode 70 – As Seen on TV Products

Has this ever happened to you – you’re trying to find a new podcast episode but your ears just keep getting filled with the same old boring stuff? Well, now there’s help. Say hello to our As Seen on TV Products episode!

You’ll get all four of Richard’s favorite useless products. But wait! We’ll throw in Michael’s semi-informed opinions ABSOLUTELY FREE! And if you act now, you’ll also get Jeff’s imperialistic judgments as a bonus gift. How can you possibly turn this down?


2:21 – The George Foreman Lean-Mean Fat Grilling Machine (Michael’s Choice)

7:32 – The Sports Illustrated Football Phone (Richard’s Choice)

13:25 – The Snuggie (Michael’s Choice)

17:03 – Freedom Rock (Richard’s Choice)

21:51 – The AbGymnic Ab Belt (Michael’s Choice)

27:47 – The WaxVac (Richard’s Choice)

32:22 – The Pasta Boat (Michael’s Choice)

37:41 – The Knife Show/Cutlery Corner (Richard’s Choice)



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