Episode 72 – ROAD TRIP!!!

OK, before we get on the road with this podcast, make sure that you’ve got everything you need. Everyone went to the bathroom before we left, right? Everyone has snacks and whatever they are going to read or listen to on the road? Because once we get this podcast started, I’m not stopping until it’s time for lunch.

Yes, there’s nothing like the lure of the open road. Especially when you are trapped in a car for hours with your family or friends. So instead of another game of Slug Bug to break up the boredom of your 11-hour trek from Sioux City to St. Louis, put this week’s episode on over your car speakers as we discuss the best and worst things about road trips.

Wait, what? You have to go to the bathroom? But we just left 10 minutes ago! Fine, we’ll pull this podcast over, but after this, that’s it!


4:40 – Road Trip Music (Joint Choice)

12:28 – Car Problems (Richard’s Choice)

19:25 – The Person Who Has to Use the Restroom (Michael’s Choice)

25:25 – Shitty Food Choices (Richard’s Choice)

29:52 – Car Games (Michael’s Choice)

33:38 – The Guy Who Smokes (Richard’s Choice)

37:40 – Roadside Attractions (Michael’s Choice)

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