Episode 76 – Simpsons Periphery

The Simpsons: perhaps the greatest show in TV history. And when you’ve been on the air for 57 years (a guess), you’re going to become an ingrained part of pop culture for a lot of reasons that go beyond what happens on-screen.

This week we delve into everything Simpsons…except the episodes. Whether it’s branded promotional items or causing a moral panic, the Simpsons are everywhere and will still be everywhere long after we are all gone.


2:35 – The Simpsons As the End of Family Values (Richard and Michael’s Choice)

7:03 – Simpsons Bootleg T-Shirts (Richard and Michael’s Choice)

13:53 – Simpsons Porn (Richard’s Choice)

19:43 – “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” (Michael’s Choice)

24:44 – Simpsons Pinball

30:23 – 7/11 Turning Into Kwik-E-Marts to promote “The Simpsons Movie”

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