Episode 77 – Ad Campaign Villains

This week we take a look at Ad Campaign Villains – the Goofuses to the Gallants for whatever brand created them. Fear is a powerful selling point, and if hideous troll-beasts drilling into your teeth is enough to get you to worry about the quality of your toothpaste, then the ad wizards have done their job.


1:55 – Barney Rubble from Fruity Pebbles (Michael’s Choice)

5:00 – Kids from Trix Cereal (Richard’s Choice)

7:59 – Mayhem from Allstate (Michael’s Choice)

10:12 – The Hamburglar from McDonald’s (Joint Choice)

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16:12 – Cavity Creeps from Crest (Richard’s Choice)

19:40 – The Bully from Charles Atlas Bodybuilding Ads (Michael’s Choice)

23:25 – The Frito Bandito from Fritos (Richard’s Choice)

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