Episode 79 – Business Meetings

Research has shown that the average person spends 78% of their waking lives in business meetings. Fortunately, the vast majority of these meetings are productive, useful and pleasant.

Just kidding. We all know that business meetings are nightmarish, hellscapes designed to break down the spirit of any worker. If Kafka was alive today, all of his characters would be involved in setting up monitors for video presentations.

We’ve been tasked with creating a three-person committee to review the potential resources available for building a Mt. Rushmore of Business Meetings, empowering the listeners to be entertained at our selections, and a lot of other buzzword garbage.

But the good news: free lunch!


2:30 – AV Problems (Joint Pick)

8:33 – Ordering Lunch (Richard’s Pick)

11:41 – Lunch with Clients/Vendors (Michael’s Pick)

18:00 – Why Am I In This Meeting (Richard’s Pick)

21:28 – The Meeting Agenda Going Out the Window (Michael’s Pick)

26:48 – Co-workers “Contributing” for No Reason (Richard’s Pick)

29:55 – Meetings as Survival of the Fittest (Michael’s Pick)

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