Episode 80 – Non-Actors Turned Actors

I would imagine that there’s nothing more frustrating than being a struggling actor, training to perfect you craft and struggling for years to get a big break – only to see someone get a role THAT YOU COULD HAVE KILLED who isn’t even an actor. It would be like a medical student watching a janitor perform an emergency appendectomy. Or a baseball player who sees someone who hadn’t played baseball in a decade get signed just because he was popular at another sport.

But I digress.

Fortunately, not making acting your first choice doesn’t mean you can’t be a great actor. This week we look at musicians, dancers and regular people who have gone on to become accomplished thespians. And also Shaq.

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3:00 – Alexander Gudunov (Michael’s Choice)

7:37 – Frank Sinatra (Richard’s Choice)

14:05 – Carrie Brownstein (Michael’s Choice)

18:56 – Cher (Richard’s Choice)

27:24 – Shaquille O’Neal (Michael’s Choice)

35:32 – The Rock (Richard’s Choice)

41:10 – Arnold Schwarzenegger (Michael’s Choice)

46:34 – R. Lee Ermey (Richard’s Choice)

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