Episode 82 – Tim Burton Movies

This week’s we’re discussing the movie oeuvre of Tim Burton, one of Hollywood’s biggest iconoclasts and a man who never met a dark castle he couldn’t make darker, a part that Johnny Depp couldn’t play, or a comb. From his earliest work to upcoming projects (and we’re trying to wrap our heads around what Tim Burton’s Dumbo will be like), we’re celebrating the work of American cinema’s cool but kinda creepy uncle. It’s Showtime!


3:20 – Beetlejuice (Joint Choice)

8:13 – The Nightmare Before Christmas (Michael’s Choice)

13:19 – Corpse Bride (Richard’s Choice)

18:08 – Ed Wood (Joint Choice) 24:19

24:19 – Superman Lives (Richard’s Choice)

31:08 – Alice in Wonderland (Michael’s Choice)


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