Episode 86 – Impulse Buys You Immediately Regret

Regrets? We’ve had a few. And many of them involve making a purchase that you didn’t plan on making. This week, we discuss our impulse buys that we immediately regret making. The crazy part is that we keep making these purchases again and again.

Why? Because we’re dummies, that’s why!


3:27 – Los Angeles Magazine (Michael’s Choice)

7:02 – Shoes (Richard’s Choice)

13:16 – Funky Flavored Gum (Michael’s Choice)

18:19 – A “Different” Beer (Richard’s Choice)

26:41  – Amazon “Fill In The Blank” Purchase to Get Free Shipping (Michael’s Choice)

32:04 – Silly Putty (Richard’s Choice)

35:15 – One Last Drink at the Bar (Michael’s Choice)

37:51 – DVDs of Movies You’ve Never Seen (Richard’s Choice)

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