Episode 88 – Bad Airport Behavior (With Special Guest Chris Cary)

Rushmore of Bad Airport Behavior

The Mt. Rushmore Podcast is now boarding its non-stop flight to airport hell! World traveler and bon vivant Chris Cary is our co-pilot, as we discuss all of the ways that everyone else makes air travel just a little more awful.

And remember: no food, drinks or any liquids more than 2 oz. are allowed while listening to this podcast.


1:50 – People who cut into the front of the boarding line (Richard and Michael’s Pick)
9:02 – Gatecrashing/Lining Up Before Your Group (Chris’ Pick)
12:52 – Holding up security (Joint Pick)
18:55 – Security/Ticketing being awful, power-hungry people (Richard and Michael’s Pick)
23:43 – Harassing gate agents (Chris’ Pick)
27:15 – Person who watches videos at full volume without headphones (Richard and Michael’s Pick)

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