Episode 89 – Bingeing

Some people say moderation is the key to life. Those people seem like real wet noodles. At the Mt. Rushmore Podcast, we have the self-control of a beagle puppy in a slipper factory. Why stop with “enough” of something when you can go straight on through to “making yourself physically ill?”

This week we’re making a Rushmore from things that we’ve binged – from food and drinks to things that we’ve done too much. After you’re done with this week’s episode, why not check out our archives and stuff your earholes with too much podcast goodness?


  • Podcasts (Michael’s Choice)
  • Pat and Oscar’s Breadsticks (Richard’s Choice)
  • Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies (Michael’s Choice)
  • Booze (Richard’s Choice)
  • Netflix TV Shows (Michael’s Choice)
  • YouTube Rabbit Holes (Richard’s Choice)
  • Coca-Cola (Michael’s Choice)
  • Sleep (Richard’s Choice)

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