Episode 93 – Later-in-the-Run Additions to Sitcoms

We’re almost two seasons into the podcast, so you know what that means! Contract disputes, movie offers and a cast that loathes each other. Well, at least the last one. But if this was a sitcom, we’d be getting pretty close to the time where one of the stars leaves and the producers have to scramble to replace them.

While it’s the three same bozos as usual, we have mixed things up a bit – this week Michael has slipped on the stylish-yet-comfortable judge’s robe, while Jeff is going mano-a-mano with Richard for Rushmore supremacy.

Join us next week when Jeff either is back to judging or replaced by Ted McGinley.


3:50 – Rebecca Howe from “Cheers” (Richard’s Choice)
10:20 – Warren Ferguson from “The Andy Griffith Show” (Jeff’s Choice)
14:13 – Cousin Oliver from “The Brady Bunch” (Richard’s Choice)
18:18 – Coy and Vance Duke from “The Dukes of Hazzard” (Jeff’s Choice)
25:15 – Charles Emerson Winchester from “M*A*S*H*” (Richard’s Choice)
31:03 – Scrappy-Doo from “Scooby-Doo” (Jeff’s Choice)
35:45 – Multiple Replacement Chrissies from “Three’s Company” (Richard’s Choice)
43:35 – Barnabas Collins from “Dark Shadows” (Jeff’s Choice)

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