Episode 97 – Movies I’d Show An Alien Culture to Prove We’re Cool

Look, based on 2017, “aliens land on Earth” is only about the 20th least-likely thing that will happen this year. (Right behind “Trump admits it was a joke” and ahead of “Andy Kaufman admits it was a joke.”) So in case it does happen, as a people we need to have an ace in the hole: movies that we can show to aliens to prove that we’re cool.

This week Michael and Richard take different paths to cool, and it’s up to Jeff to separate the Fonzes from the Potsies. And if you aren’t too cool for school, beam yourself over to iTunes or your other favorite podcast listening service and give us a review.


  • 3:04 – “Rebel Without a Cause” (Richard’s Choice)
  • 7:13 – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Michael’s Choice)
  • 11:59 – “Shaft” (Richard’s Choice)
  • 17:00 – “Mars Attacks” (Michael’s Choice)
  • 23:45 – “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Jeff’s “Gutzon Borglum’s Bag” Choice)
  • 25:45 – “The Professional” (Richard’s Choice)
  • 32:01 – “Wall-E” (Michael’s Choice)
  • 38:41 – “Amateur” (Richard’s Choice)
  • 46:22 – “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” (Michael’s Choice)

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