Episode 98 – Lovable Drunks

According to pop culture, there’s nothing as heartwarming and comical as alcoholism. For every serious portrayal of the damage that alcohol addiction causes, there are three examples of wacky lushes who are permanently soused but always get the best lines.

So let’s open up a bottle of your favorite adult beverage and indulge in moderation as we plow through this week’s episode on Lovable Drunks in one sitting!


    • 1:22 – Barney Gumble from “The Simpsons” (Joint Choice)
    • 5:17 – Foster Brooks (Richard’s Choice)
    • 8:30 – Crazy Googenheim (Jeff’s “Borglum’s Bag” Choice)
    • 11:43 – W.C. Fields (Michael’s Choice)
    • 19:15 – Bob and Doug MacKenzie from “SCTV” (Richard’s Choice)
    • 25:16 – Drunk Uncle from “SNL” (Michael’s Choice)
    • 28:41 – Richard, In His Mind When He’s Drunk (Richard’s Choice)
    • 33:48 – Patsy and Edina from “Absolutely Fabulous” (Michael’s Choice)

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